Layer Cake Hall

193 Davey Street, Bath

Layer Cake Hall is significant for its association with various community and religious organizations in Bath. It was built by the Mechanics' Institute of Bath in 1859, however, ownership was transferred to the builder and carpenter, Abraham Harris, when the Institute could not afford to pay for the construction.

Harris leased the upper storey to the Masonic Order, and the lower storey to the Presbyterian congregation of Bath, as its place of worship. Following a long illness, Abraham Harris died, in 1880, and left a considerable debt to Dr. Roderick Kennedy. Kennedy acquired the property as payment for Harris' medical bills and the leases were maintained.

In 1890, the Masons left as tenants and St. John's Anglican Church began to use the second storey as a church hall, while the Presbyterian Congregation continued to use the ground floor for its services. Following the Church Union in 1925, the Presbyterian congregation dissolved and vacated the ground floor. At the same time, the entire building came into the hands of the Anglican Church, which used the ground floor as the ladies' auxiliary. Later the Anglican Church donated the building to the Women's Institute.

Layer Cake Hall is now a community library. The building's name is derived from its shared or layered use by various congregations and organizations.

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