Old Town Hall

434 Main Street, Bath

The Bath Museum features United Empire Loyalist, World War 1 and World War 2 memorabilia collected by local residents, as well as Indian artifacts such as arrowheads and tools which date back 400 years. Construction of the Old Town Hall was completed in 1861 as a Court House. It was designed in the Tuscan Portico style, patterned after Roman buildings that had civic or judicial functions.

The Town Hall was constructed because a Division Court Judge objected to the noise of the school children when he held court in the Bath Academy. He refused to return to court until a permanent court house could be built.

The building was known as the Bath Town Hall until 1970. It was completely restored in the early 1980's and is now a designated historical property under the Canada Heritage Act.

The Building belongs to the Fairfield-Gutzeit Society and since May of 2009 has been the home of the Bath Museum of Loyalist Township.

Hours of Operation

Victoria Day to Labour Day
Wednesday - Sunday
10am - 4 pm

Telephone: (613) 352-7716