The Fairfield-Gutzeit House

341 Main Street, Bath, Ontario

The Fairfield-Gutzeit House is the oldest of three properties, built in 1796 by two brothers, William Jr. and Benjamin, both prominent in the community.

They first came to Bath is 1793 when they left their father's home near Amherstview. The house remained in the Fairfield family until the 1860s, but was not again owned by a Fairfield until 1938 when the estate was purchased by Mabel Fairfield Gutzeit, great-granddaughter of William Fairfield Jr., married to Dr. William H. Gutzeit, a doctor of music.

The Gutzeits enjoyed a very active social life, held musical evenings and had a variety of cultural interests that included the collection of antique paintings and furniture. Mrs. Gutzeit transferred the property to the St. Lawrence Parks Commission which in turn passed it on to the Village of Bath. The original building was a simple 1 1/2 storey structure with an unadorned, steep-pitched roof which reflects the origins of the Fairfield family in Vermont. Considerable alterations were made over the course of time, mostly by the Gutzeits in the late 1930's and early 1940's.

Extensive renovations have been undertaken in recent years by the Society.

Mabel Fairfield-Gutzeit

United Empire Loyalist

Mabel Fairfield Gutzeit was inducted into the United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre's Hall of Honour in September 2017 at the Bay of Quinte's Branch.

Mabel was the last Fairfield to live in the Fairfield Gutzeit House before it was bequeathed to the St. Lawrence Parks Commission and ultimately the Fairfield Gutzeit Society Charity.

Thank you to Mabel and Dr. Gutzeit for the treasure we have in our Community.